Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shout out, etc.

Big shout out to Joe Smeeding for admitting to reading my posts. 

Now, is someone going to comment?

Although we didn't get a chance to talk about Jonathan Rosenbaum's essay today (nor did we talk about the EW piece), I'd like to quickly get to those at the next class. We did lose time to the 12th-grade meeting, and my dead clock made it hard to keep track of time, but I'm glad people have something to say in class. Something about film, about cinema, invites us to react and have strong opinions—perhaps because it so often sticks itself in our face like a rumbunctious child. But so many movies out there—ones you likely haven't seen—invite reactions more like those required by literature and the other arts: reflection, unease, thoughtfulness, altered ways of thinking, the need to watch and think again. It's not all about the quick buck and the quick reaction.

I look forward to the next class.


Joe said...

shout ot to Mr. Preston for giving me a shout out

Ben said...

Shout out to Mr. Preston for giving me a shout out on a previous post as well. In related news, Mr. Preston, in the second assignment I'll be somewhat proportionalizing (I declare that a word) The Dark Knight to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (Or at least concerning how I originally viewed it.)
...If only Heath Ledger & his character were in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... I'd certainly watch it again.

WmPreston said...

Who would Heath be? The demented kidnapper who uses a net to pursue children? (The movie does goe horribly dark.) So would there be a pile of bodies at th end of the film? Then he'd take the flying car back to grandpa's house and wipe out the folks there as well?