Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday update

As always, check previous entries to make sure you haven't missed anything . . .

My thanks to today's students; both sections have been great. I talked too much today, but I think it was the large room's fault. (I actually mean this.) In any case, please note: Both classes will be in HUM 8, my violet-colored classroom. Mr. O'Malley couldn't really teach his class in my room, which lacks both a computer and all of his language posters, and I wasn't comfortable in his space either. Some people have shifted sections and some have dropped the class, so at most each section will have 17, which we can manage in the smaller room.

Bring something with which to take notes and your Ebert book, but try to leave backpacks behind.

Everyone should be able to access the schedule, which for some reason wasn't available this afternoon. Please let me know if you have problems with the blog site. You can post comments here if you like, and it might help if I answer questions online for everyone rather than for just one person.


Anonymous said...

Justin here, although the google mail thing is still popping up at this time, it will lead you to the class schedule if you just log in. I don't remember what it takes to sign up to google mail, but it can't be that difficult.

William Preston said...

The system is acting funky. If anyone is trying to see the class schedule, it should be accessible—however, even I'm getting stiff-armed at times. Simply go back to the blog and try the link again. That has worked, for some reason. The other option is to have a google/gmail account.

I also was not informed by the system that you'd left this message. I think our school e-mail system blocked the alert message, so now all alerts about comments are being sent to my gmail account. That should prevent a repeat of that particular problem.

Let me know, folks, if there are any difficulties you're having with my site. Also, please feel free to add comments to anything I've said.