Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three, three, three reviews!

As we discussed in class, I'm expecting you to read three reviews of current or recent films from the New York Times site, which is here. As I warned, clicking on the site more than 10 times will get you locked out (unless you have a subscription). Let me know if that happens to you. There's a way around the block.

Your task is to efficiently paraphrase those reviews, turning them into "capsule reviews" such as this and this.

The title for each review should tell me whose review you read. You're free to use the language of the review, though, of course, you'll need to severely edit the original text. Think about what needs to be in the review: some sense of whether or not the movie is good or enjoyable; basic information about the plot; a feel for the kind of film it is; actors, writer, and the most prominent actors.

Length for each review: 150-200 words.

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