Thursday, April 18, 2013

PSYCHO assignment

Read the handout by Roger Ebert. Answer the following questions:

1. Had you seen Psycho previously? If not, what did you know of the story before you watched it?

2. Whether or not you'd seen it before, what elements struck you as surprising during this viewing of the film?

3. Ebert (and most critics) say that Hitchcock makes us sympathize with Norman. To what extent did the film successfully do that for you?

4. Ebert doesn't care for the psychiatric monologue at the end of the film. What do you think of his position? What are reasons the screenwriter and director might use to argue against Ebert's position?

5. How do you think the use of black-and-white enhanced this film?

Typed; double-spaced; 12 pt.; 1-inch margins.

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