Monday, November 17, 2008

Independent Film Assignment #1

Due: Depending on your section, either Dec. 11 or 12.

This is the first of two independently chosen assignments for the second quarter. The second, coming at the very end of the semester, involves both a paper and presentation. This first one involves only a paper.

Choose one of the films from Ebert's book. I'm especially interested in having you choose something you haven't seen. Check with me to make sure it's not a film I'm covering in class. You can choose this film in collaboration with others; watching the film together would be both enjoyable and useful, as you can gain insight from each other's views.

The end result is an approximately five-page paper, a critical overview of the film plus your own view of its value and success as a movie. Use Ebert's comments as a springboard, but also use other critical commentaries on the film. I have several resources myself or can point you to some at the public library. Knowing something about the history and having behind-the-scenes information about the film can also help flesh out your writing.

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