Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yeah, that *is* what I said.

Someone asked the other day whether this was to be a five-page paper? "Did I say that?" I asked. I didn't think I'd been quite so specific. Turns out, I was that specific (see the previous blog entry). Still, that's not so much to write, not much more than 1,000 words.

However, only a few people have seen me (per my directions) about what film to do. This does not bode well.

No one has seen me about resources for critical essays on the films. This, too, does not bode well.

Take care of business, people. This quarter is like a college term: There's an assignment in the middle and another at the end. That's it.

I'll give you a handout on Monday and Tuesday to help with the structure of the paper. It includes a sample essay (by a college sophomore). My expectations are different, since we haven't approached film in quite as formal a way, but I do expect thoughtful observation. Watch your film more than once. Take notes. Read about the film. Write seriously. E-mail me questions (or post to the blog if you think it's a question others would appreciate).

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