Friday, December 19, 2008

First, some business

If you missed the last class, then you missed being assigned a date for your presentation. Please contact me for that date. I will, this week, post something more about the presentations, though I've been pretty specific in class.

If you haven't yet turned in your paper, e-mail it to me ASAP. While people involved in the musical (and one other person who talked to me) had extensions, the rest of you did not, and your grade will be adduced (and reduced) accordingly.

Revisions may be requested when we return for the remainder of the quarter.

Upon our return, one section will have three full days of classes before the presentations commence; the other class will have four days. (Of course, this is barring any more snow days.) My intention had been to show two films before we wrap things up: Darren Aranovsky's first movie, Pi, and The Station Agent, the first film by actor and director (and writer) Tom McCarthy. Both films are under 90 minutes long (can you believe people still make such films, that everything isn't a two-and-a-half-hour butt-numbathon?), so I have time for both. However, one section has started The Host, a Korean monster movie (kind of), and people seem to want to continue watching it (one person even going so far as to mention it in a Christmas card!), so if the movie is still available to me, that may be what we do. (People who've seen the first twenty minutes of the film, please weigh in on this decision.) I do love The Host, and it does give us a lot to talk about, but Pi is so darn strange, I had wanted to share it with you and show you what $60,000 can buy.

Talk to me.

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