Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Schedule: Your presentations

Below is a schedule for your presentations. When you present on the film of your choice, you will also hand in your paper, which is to be a thoughtful review of about two pages. You must see me first about the film, and, in advance, you must bring me the DVD so we can cue up the selected scene(s), which can total, at most 5 minutes. The entire presentation should run 10 minutes; I'll let you have 12 minutes at most. We'll be on a tight schedule, but that's why I've left the last day of class open: presentations nudged out of their slots can be done then.

If you handed in your paper directly to me, you got to choose your presentation date. For those that came in afterwards, I assigned dates based on availability. Those who have not—as of today—given me a paper got the stinkiest (i.e., earliest) dates by default.

Please contact me ASAP if you see any problem on this schedule:

Tuesday, Jan. 12
Mark Sieling
Marisal Dobbins
Justin Kuneman
David Munteanu
Miguel Goodlin-Saenz

Wednesday, Jan. 13
Pat Feeney
Will Bock
Kevin Dodge
Gerard Davis
Maryam Seraji

Thursday, Jan. 14
Tessa Green
Sammy Rodziewicz
Logan Gittelson
Carina Hodgins
Brandon Pu
Nate Johnson

Friday, Jan. 15
Jenna Grossman
Kelsey Weiner
Ji Won Song
Colin Leverich
Dan Singer

[Monday: MLK Day; read or listen to one of his speeches]

Tuesday, Jan 19
Philippe Lewalle
Jon Mangram
Rossy Katanga
Jonathan Embry
John Baringer

Wednesday, Jan. 20
Matt Rufo
Carl Stanbro
Caleb Batman
Connor Hoffman
Adam Hege
Kendra Futera

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