Saturday, January 9, 2010

My review/presentation

I posted a link at right to my review/presentation of The Station Agent (delivered in class on Friday and Monday). Mid-way through the review (without any introduction to the scene), I showed a two-minute clip. You may need to set up your scene for us in class, giving it some brief context.

The only thing I changed about the review from its form on Friday was the correction of one mistake and the addition of the comment about the score. It's difficult to comment on everything of value in a terrific film like The Station Agent, but it seemed, on reflection, a poor choice (the result of rushing) to fail to comment on the wonderful music.

That should give you a sense of what I'm after. Please e-mail me (or post here) if you have any questions. If you're presenting on Tuesday and Wednesday, you must see me by Monday to set up your clip.

And to clarify once more for the people who may have, somehow, missed this detail: You are writing and presenting on a movie about which you have not already written.

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